10 reasons why you should be taking a 10 minute break from your desk. NOW!

10 reasons why you should be taking a 10 minute break from your desk. NOW!


  1. To increase productivity

Taking a short break from your desk/computer is proven to increase your productivity levels. You go back to your work with more motivation and seeing things more clearly.

  1. To increase circulation

Not only will you be increasing circulation to your body by standing up, shaking off and having a stretch. But, you will also be increasing the circulation to your brain. Think reduced likelihood of varicose veins and DTB as well as a brain that has faster cognitive functioning! No Brainer?

  1. To make some headspace

Put it this way, how many times have you been sat staring at a blank screen, not knowing where to start because your brain is so frazzled from the last task you completed? Or, have found you are staring at the same paragraph with absolutely no inspiration? Taking a short break can give your brain time to refresh and make space for the thought processes you need to make, in solving the tasks ahead of you.

  1. Get moving

You sign up to a gym, you use it for a week and then you figure out you don’t really have time. Do it at work instead. Take ten minutes to do a few body-weight exercises at your desk or go for a brisk walk round the block to get some fresh air. Moving will actually increase your energy levels!

  1. Lunch-time

We hear you, you are a busy bee and there just isn’t time for lunch in your busy schedule. I dare you to take a ten minute lunch break next time. See just how much more productive and energised you feel having eaten your lunch away from the computer screen.

  1. Reduce sitting hours

Did you know sitting for eight hours or more a day can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and depression.

  1. Reduced stress

Although the thought of having ten minutes less at the desk might be daunting and stressful in itself, once you’ve got over this hurdle and given it a go, you will notice reduced stress levels when you return to your work. Perhaps seeing things from a new light and you could even have cracked that stressful problem subconsciously while you are having a break. Exercise and mindfulness are two great options for reducing stress levels. Try a quick bodyweight work out or a 3-minute meditation when you take your 10minutes away from the desk.

  1. Reduced Absenteeism

That’s right, looking after your wellbeing can reduce the amount of time you need to take off work. That means more time to get everything done!

  1. Increased Happiness

It is proven that those who do more physical activity and sit for fewer hours are more likely to have a higher sense of personal wellbeing.

  1. Rest your eyes

Staring at blue light is not the only problem, staring for long periods without blinking can increase your likelihood of having eyesight problems in the future due to the strain it puts on your eye. On the other hand, blue light stimulates the brain to be alert which is great in the day, but if you have a habit of checking your emails before bed, you are actually reducing your chances of getting a good night’s kip. And, lets face it, you need this to have a productive tomorrow!