19th January 2016


About Humble Fitness Training London

I am a personal trainer and qualified exercise and massage therapist based in London. My approach to personal training draws on my five years’ experience as a coach, teacher and mentor.

Alice Humble Personal Trainer London

I have trained and competed as a national athlete in the pole vault since 2007, and since 2010, have been a Sport-specific coach for athletes across a range of ages and abilities. Over the years, I have come to experience the benefits of combined physical and psychological training for my athletes, clients and myself. I am passionate about the effective integration of these elements in professional athletics.

The purpose of Humble Fitness Training is to bring sport and exercise into the everyday lives of non-athletes. I have seen the therapeutic benefits exercise can have on an individual, particularly on their mental health, and really believe in this therapy. I work closely with doctors and psychiatrists on Harley Street, and around London, providing exercise therapy to adults and adolescents suffering from issues with mental health.

By understanding the training process from the point of view of an athlete and a coach, I am able to offer a balance of both empathy and discipline in my sessions. In addition my patience and attention to detail means each programme is tailored to the individual, in order to promote strength, mental well-being and self-confidence.