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Corporate Wellbeing | HumbleFit

Corporate Wellbeing with HumbleFit

HumbleFit works with corporate bodies to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of employees.

Our ideas for corporate wellness are all backed by scientific research. We have studied the area of corporate fitness and it’s relation to absenteeism and wellbeing. Our findings suggest those who reach the national physical activity guideline of 150minutes of exercise a week are more likely to have a higher sense of wellbeing and a lower rate of absenteeism.

Studies show exercise can boost mood, lower rates of depression and reduce stress.

Research has brought to light four barriers to participation in wellness programs; Incentive, Location, Time and Continuity. Our intuitive packages overcome all four barriers.

Our sessions happen on-site. There is no need for employees to travel anywhere to experience our services. We come to you. Our aim is to get those who are inactive, active rather than targeting those who are already getting the daily recommended amount of Physical Activity.

Happy, Engaged Employees Are Valuable Employees!

What We Offer


A quick break from the desk to re-charge batteries with a ten-minute session for the whole office floor. (10min slots)

Personal Training

One:One consultation and exercise program tailored to each client's goals and needs.


Enjoy our drop in massage sessions. They will help to release tension, decrease stress and improve posture.

Life & Wellness Coaching

One:One sessions using motivational techniques to facilitate positive lifestyle changes and nurture employees to seek out life fulfilment.


We offer one hour and half hour classes at a time that suits you, whether that is lunchtimes and/or after work. Classes we offer include: Pilates, Bootcamp, Circuits.


Both one:one and as a group class, pilates helps you move mindfully and increase your strength and flexibility.

 Example Packages

Health and Wellness package

– Three hours of on-site drop-in time (Personal Training, Life coaching, Pilates, Massage)

– Two classes in a week.

– Energise10’ for each office space.

Mini health and wellness package

– Two hours of on-site drop-in time

– One class a week.

– Energise10’ for each office space.

Class package

– Three classes a week.

Energise10’ and massage packages

– Energise10’  for each office space

– 10 minute massage slots for each office space.

All pricing and packages are bespoke to your companies requirements and we are happy to discuss these further in person.

Contact Us

To discuss how we could benefit your company and to book a free trial